Vacuum Chop-mixer(160-180kg/time) FP-HG-ZB-200LB

Product Description

Vacuum Chop-mixer(160-180kg/time)



This  type chop-mixer machine has a knife shaft high speed, cutting and mixing, emulsifying affect is good, processing range characteristics. It can cut cattle. sheep, pigs and meat. and can be cut skin. muscle. tendon, cut off not easily and raw materials, improving the utilization ratio of raw material. This machine adopts advanced control technology, safety and reliability, easy maintenance. display and control function complete. Power supply adopted high slip motor. pneumatic great torque. insulation heat resistant level high, In a motor buried overheat protector. overload protection performance. This machine main shaft beatings oil seal, and other key parts mode In Sweden. Germany and other Imported products. Improve the mechanical properties and prolong the life.




1. Model No.:FP-HG-ZB-200LB
2. Voltage:380V/50Hz
3. Capacity:160-180kg/time
4. Cutting Speed:1800/3600 r/min(Double Speed)
5. Stirring Speed:200 r/min
6. Chopping Pan Rotate Speed:7.5/10/15 r/min
7. Chopping Pan Diameter:Φ1390mm
8. N.W.:2500kg
9. Dimension:2300x3200xH1800mm