(Groove-type)Vacuum (Aerating) Packaging Machine DZ/DZQ-400 2SB-G

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Product Description

(Groove-type)Vacuum (Aerating) Packaging Machine

This machine employs the groove-type vacuum chamber, which
makes it more applicable for packing the liquid or flowing
materials like with small amount liquid, semi-liquid or powder,
etc. Moreover such packing can also keep the materials from
leaking out from the pack. It can pack the larger-sized materials.


1.The dual chamber vacuum packaging machine is the one that the cover works
interactively on the two vacuum chambers. The user can place materials on one
vacuum chamber while the other one is pumping vacuum. Thus it can improve the
2.The specifically-deigned floating vacuum chamber can reduce labor force and
improve the productivity.
3. Its microcomputer control system can set the parameters accurately. Its vacuum
degree and sealing temperature can be adjusted. It can pump, aerate and seal
the pack in vacuum automatically in all the course of processing. But the aerating
device is optional. It is characterized by simple operation.
4.The whole overall outlook is made of stainless steel. It is in conformity with the
foodstuff hygiene standards and suitable for any environment.
5.The vacuum sealing ring is made of high silicon-rubber material, which can
assure that the equipment can work for a long time without stop under the worse
circumstance. It is characterized by strong sealing quality, pressure resistance,
abrasion resistance and erosion resistance. So its life is prolonged.
6.So the sealing ports are different from each other due to their sizes. Special
orders are accepted.

1. Model No.:DZ/DZQ-400 2SB-G
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Pump Power:0.75kw
4. Sealing Power:0.8Kw
5. Vacuum Chamber Size:500x520x100mm
6. Capacity:1-3 time/minute
7. Sealing Port Length And Width:400x10mmx2
8. N.W.:190kg
9. Dimension:955x620x930mm

1. Model No.:DZ/DZQ-500 2SB-G
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Pump Power:1.5kw
4. Sealing Power:0.9Kw
5. Vacuum Chamber Size:600x590x100mm
6. Capacity:1-3 time/minute
7. Sealing Port Length And Width:500x10mmx2
8. N.W.:225kg
9. Dimension:1195x690x930mm

1. Model No.:DZ/DZQ-600 2SB-G
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Pump Power:2.2kw
4. Sealing Power:1Kw
5. Vacuum Chamber Size:720x660x100mm
6. Capacity:1-3 time/minute
7. Sealing Port Length And Width:600x10mmx2
8. N.W.:365kg
9. Dimension:1410x760x930mm