Gas Brick Pizza Oven BK-GPZM

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Product Description


1.Traditional,attract eyes.

2.A self contained freestanding system which can be moved at any time

3.Wood fired with an easy clean slide out ashtray

4.Easy to read thermostat for temperature control

5.Cooks just about anything that can be cooked in a conventional oven

6.Option cover available(It is always recommended that the oven is protected from the weather)

Size: L820xW680xH1500mm
• Gas Pizza Oven
• Oven size: 765 x 825 x 716mm
• Portable
• Easy removable slide out ash tray
• Heavy duty steel door
• Fire box door (with air intake slide)
• Fire brick lined
• Convection oven (no smoke)
• Brick insulated
• Available in Natural Gas or propane