Gas Adjustment Vacuum Packaging Machine DMP-400DA

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Product Description

Gas Adjustment Vacuum Packaging Machine

Applicable Scope:

The gas adjustment vacuum packaging technology is widely used for packing
the meat, fish, fresh sea food, baked foods, dairy, produces, Chinese traditional
medicines, fruits, etc for retaining their freshness.


The vacuum gas-adjustment freshness-retaining packaging machine DMP-430 A is
developed and researched independently by the manufacture itself on the basis of
vacuum packaging machine and gas-adjustment packaging machine. It is our
patented products. It is characterized by novel construction, stable property, etc.
Compared to the box-type (MAP-450) gas-adjustment freshness-retaining packaging
machine, it shares the same properties and packaging result. But at the same time it
is more competitive in price than the former one.

1. We have put forward a specifically-designed vacuum gas-adjustment freshnessretaining
packaging machine for the chain stores, supermarkets, franchised stores,
labs, and the small-sized foodstuff manufacturers.

2. multifunctional purpose: it can not only pack the materials but also can pack them
into bags. Take out the box moulds and then assemble the hot bars and up mould
frames, it then can pack, pump vacuum or aerate the pack. It is easy for the user to
assemble them. This is why it is multifunctional. It can meet to some instant the needs
for different packages and thus reduce your costs.

3. This machine employs mechanic, electric and pneumatic integrated controller,
with a programmable controller PLC and 10.4 inches man-machine interface. The
user can only set the parameters once according to the freshness retaining requirements
for different foods and can finish the required operations. It runs stably and accurately.

4. Pack the packed ones: it has auto and hand mould cuts(for your option). It employs
exchangeable mould in design. So a machine can be suitable for trays of different sizes.
The user can replace the trays according to the sizes of the packs. The moulds for this
machine are made of al alloy and met with the food hygiene standards.

5. It employs airtight vacuum substitution mode and the vacuum pump to pump vacuum
the airtight vacuum chamber to have it become a higher vacuum. Then it fill into the
mixed gas for freshness retaining suitable for the food to prolong its period of freshness
retaining. The foods packed in gas adjustment will keep its original flavor, taste, color,
shape and nutrient. At the same time, their freshness can be kept for a long time
Note: the vacuum gas-adjustment freshness-retaining packaging machine DMP-430A is auto
film cut, and DMP-430 M the hand film cut. The other functions of them are the same.

1. Model No.:DMP-400DA
2. Voltage:380V/50Hz
3. Pump Power:1.1kw
4. Working Pressure:0.6- 0.8MPa
5. Max Tray Size:400x305x80mm
6. Capacity:1-3 time/minute
7. Mixed Gas Type:02 N2 C02
8. N.W.:200kg
9. Dimension:940x590x560mm