Fully Auto Non-stop Drawing Packaging Machine DLZ-520T

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Product Description

Fully Auto Non-stop Drawing Packaging Machine


It is particularly applicable for packing the cooked foods like chicken feet,
wings, bean products, medicines, aquatic products, frozen foods, fruits,
local and specialty products, meats in small-sized packs. Such packing
can isolate the packed products from oxygen, and effectively keep them
from being oxidized, going mouldy and being corrupted. So it can prolong
the life of the packed products and freshness.


The full auto drawing packaging machine can form by drawing the down film
and then pack the materials into the formed down film cavity and then pump
its air vacuum or vacuum fill gas in the sealing chamber. After that it has the
up and down films connected in hot mode and then cut the packed materials
transversely or longitudinally. It can finish all the production steps in the
course of production on one machine. It is characterized by simple operation.
It can abundantly reduce the labor force, time, and improve the production
capacity. It can really realize automation.

1. Multifunctional: soft and hard film, multi-step distance, pump vacuum, fill
nitrogen or mixed gas. It can be assembled with an additional auto bar code
printer/injector. The user can choose the square boxes, round boxes, or other
sizes of boxes. We have options available for our users.

2. Higher production capacity: it employs Mitsubishi servo motor, touch
screen and PLC. The whole machine is easily adjusted. The Japanese
Mitsubishi servo motor system controller, high speed and high precision step
motor make it easier for the user to control. The Germany high vacuum pump
can run fast, which can effective reduce the labor force and production costs.
It is stable and durable in properties.

3. Strength: the whole machine is made of food-purpose stainless steel frame
of 304, featuring in non deformation. All the parts are made of stainless steel.
The moulds are made of higher strength finished al plates.

4. Convenience: under the finished product area is a pulley conveyor, which
can assure that the products won’t be damaged for falling off onto the floor. It
is directly connected to the auto conveyor system.

5. Precision: The Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor, high precision film
feeding system, Mitsubishi temperature module, American Banner color code
sensor, adoption of advanced cutting system with transverse and longitudinal
cutters and computer blade adjustor, higher precision

6. Advantages: we have the European advanced technologies and world
competitive prices and all-round classic after-sales service.

1. Model No.:DLZ-520T
2. Voltage:380V/50Hz
3. Up film width:492mm
4. Down film width:522mm
5. Vacuum degree:≤200pa
6. Compressed air:≥0.6mpa
7. Cooled water:≥0.15mpa
8. N.W.:2100kg
9. Dimension:6200x1400x1920mm

1. Model No.:DLZ-420T
2. Voltage:380V/50Hz
3. Up film width:392mm
4. Down film width:422mm
5. Vacuum degree:≤200pa
6. Compressed air:≥0.6mpa
7. Cooled water:≥0.15mpa
8. N.W.:1720kg
9. Dimension:6150x1210x1910mm

1. Model No.:DLZ-320T
2. Voltage:380V/50Hz
3. Up film width:392mm
4. Down film width:322mm
5. Vacuum degree:≤200pa
6. Compressed air:≥0.6mpa
7. Cooled water:≥0.15mpa
8. N.W.:1320kg
9. Dimension:5100x910x1810mm