Floor Dryer BF534

Product Description

Floor Dryer



1. Beautiful appearance with the advantages of lightness and high flexibility

2. Safety cover for motor can prevent sucking any sundries.

3. Super fan-turbo-motor can produce strong airflow to improve the work efficiency.

4. Polythene outer shell can protect the inner components and make the machine safe and durable.

5. High grade material and three-speed selector which can make you regulate the airflow optionally.

6. Strong airflow and little noise make it suitable for hotels,large workshops,warehouse,marketplaces,and other wet place.



1. Model No.:BF534
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Power:850 W
4. Length of cable: 6 m
5. Rotate Speed:low/middle/high
6. N.W.:17.6kg
7. Package:1 unit/carton
8. Carton Size:45x43x52cm
14. Color: red,gray,blue