External-pumping Vacuum Aerating-packing Machine DZQ-450 OF

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Product Description

External-pumping Vacuum Aerating-packing Machine


This machine  is one of the sophisticated external-pumping vacuum,aerating-packing machines at home.Compared with the conventional ones in the markets,it is superior than them especially in funtion,properties and cost.

1. It employs microcomputer control system with a liquid crystal displayer.It can control the work programme accurately and set clearly and vividly the parameters on the displayer.The user can preset the work mode like pump vacuum,aerate,seal,etc.The user only adjust one setting.So it is easy,convenient in operation,and stable in running.
2. Table top type:small size,it is applicable for all small-sized room.
3. It can fast pump the pack vacuum.For the ordinary products it only need 2- 3 seconds.It can seal the pack beautifully and firmly.
4. Multi-purpose:8 functions like vacuum,aerating,sealing,etc.
5. At the same time,this machine can fill the inert gas into the pack or mixed ones according to the user’s actual needs.But this device is only optional.Aerating:aerating the gas co2 or N2,etc,into the products like foodstuff or semiconductors to keep them from going acid,being eroded and to keep them freshness.
6. The whole machine’s outlook is made of stainless steel,featuring non rustly,hygiene,durability.So it can work  in the moisture enviroment.
7. The height and angle of the shelf are adjustable.The user can operate on all materials on it and can move the materials through a pulley.
8. It is assembled with a precision vacuum sensor and a timer.The user can freely adjust its vacuum(unit:kpa) and the vacuum gas filling time(time:0.1 second min)
9. It employs Taiwan AirTAC pneumatic elements,featuring in stable running and durability.
10. It employs imported pneumatic pump.Its characterstics are that it doesn’t use electric power and oul,featuring in lower noise,fastness response to pump air,no vibration,no maintenance and repair.It is applicable for all industries and dust-free and purified environments.
11. 8 Working modes:(1)sealing,(2)pump vaccum-sealing,(3)aerate-sealing,(4)vacuum-aerate-sealing,(5)aerate-vacuum-sealing,(6)vacuum-aerate-vaccum-sealing,(7)aerate-vacuum-aerate-sealing,(8)vacuum-aerate-vaccum-aerate-sealing.

Applicable Scope:

It is applicable for keep the eletronic products like semi conductors,chips,IC,metal parts from being oxidized and going moisture and changing color.It can also pack vacuum the cloth,cotton and woolen products,which can reduce the packaging volume and distribution costs.It can also keep the freshness of foodstuff like fruits,vegetables,fresh aquatic products,etc. by aerating nitrogen into their packs.

1. Model No.:DZQ-450 OF
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Sealing Power:0.6kw
4. Sealing Size:450*8mm
5. Capacity:1-5 time/minute
6. N.W.:90kg
7. Dimension:590x730x1050mm

1. Model No.:DZQ-600 OF
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Sealing Power:0.8kw
4. Sealing Size:450*8mm
5. Capacity:1-5 time/minute
6. N.W.:95kg
7. Dimension:760x730x1050mm