Electric Food Warmer Cabinet(Stainless Steel Door) FF-UFW9

Product Description


1: Suitable for using in fast food restaurant,western restaurant,hotel etc.
2: Suitable for keeping warm for different of food like chicken,hamburger,hot dog,pancake etc.
3: With humidity function,keep food fresh and extend food storage time.
4: The toppest temperature can reach 99°c,in conformity with HACCP request.
5: Adopt hot air circulation heating mode,temperature is even in any corner.
6: Electronic temperature control,more accurate.
7: Made by good stainless steel,good surface processing,nice look.
8: Many fast food restaurants use this warmer.

Voltage:240 V, 2.4 kW, 50 Hz
Dimension:750*910 *1810mm
Pan:9 sheet pans
Option :Door One side open or two sides open
GN 2/1 or sheet pan 400*600mm