360Kg/24h Cube Ice Industrial Ice Machine IM-X360

Product Description


◊ Description:Cube Ice Maker
◊ World famous configuration ,the combination of stainless steel and ABS plastic for appearance is elegant and easy to clean and wash.
◊ The ice have a high hardness,the freezing point gets minus 20°C below,crystal and clear,not easy to melt and cooling quickly.
◊ Diamond model looks very beautifull,hard to stick together,easy to use.
◊ Controlled by microcomputer,fully automated watering,drainage,ice-making and off ice,without hand operation,more safe and the performance is more reliable.
◊ Science nickel and copper evaporator solve the contradiction of the ice production speed and ice quality.
◊ The scientific configuration of condensation temperature device and condensation system can adapt to different temperature,energy efficient.
◊ CFC-free polyurethane foam technology,with efficient heat insulation function.
◊ Strict process requirement,world famous brand component,low failure rate and long service life.

Storage Capacity:200kg
Ice Size:22x22x22mm
Compressor: Copeland(US) or Tecumseh (France)
Cooling Mode: Air Cooling & Water Cooling
CE Certificate
Expansion Valve:Danfoss
Dry Filter:Danfoss
Defrosting Solenoid Valve:Japanese
Condenser Fan:Germany EBM
Microcomputer IC Plate : Janpanese Technology
Pump Motor:U.S. Technology