3.0L Commercial Blender Mixer BV-IB3L

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Product Description


1.It is multifunctional and suitable for both the cold and hot.It is able to make ice and vegetable juice for mixing and stirring with a broad application.

2.Industrial and high-speed motor,ultra-high rotation speed,strong and powerfull.Delicious crushed ice can be made in only on minute.

3.The stells adopt stainless steel hardening materials,being sharp and dutable.The blade is manufactured with alloy steel and it is durable-layer structure,being sharp,solid and never deforming.

4.The touch key-pressing and inching switch are passes by “UL” and they can be started and stopped for 100,000 times.

5.The mixing cup is wearing and high temperature resistant.The cup thickness is 3.5mm,can’t be crushed easily.

6.Mixing bar placing support is set,making it more convenient and tidy.

7.International food raw materials are selected for manufacturing,which better guarantees safety,hygiene and health.

8.Tunnel leakage-proof cup cover design makes it unnecessary to open the cover to add liquid,which resolves water leakage in operation.

9.Japanese NSK bearing is selected with smaller noise,high temperature resistance and longer working life.

10.Wearing-resistant and highly flexible material is used to manufacture sealant which never leak in long-run operation.

11.Micro-active inspection switch is configured to overload motor current.The motor overheat 125 degree triple-safety protection further guarantees safety.

High-horsepower unlimited speed regulation mechanical type
Cup volume: 3.0L
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Rotate speed: 28000rpm
Weight/PC: 5.6Kg
Dimensions/   Packing dimensions: 330X320X558(H)mm 680X658X575(H)mm
Units in case/PC: 4
CE approval
*The sword uses stainless steel hardening material,more durable.The alloy adopts steel,double structures,sharp,hard and never deformation.