24L Free Standing Chicken Electric Pressure Fryer With Oil Pump(Microcomputer Controlled) HK-YEPF-D

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Product Description


  1. All stainless steel body, easy to wash and wipe, long service life.
2. Aluminum lid, rugged and lightweight, easy to open and close.
3. Built-in automatic oil filter system, easy to use and energy efficient.
4. Four casters carrying capacity together with brake function, ease of movement and positioning.
5. The digital display control panel, more accurate and more beautiful.
6. The machine has a total of 10 storage keys 1-0 for 10 categories of food frying use.

Material:Stainless steel 304
Specified voltage: ~3ph  380V/50Hz
Specified power: 12kw
Temperature range: 50~200℃
Capacity: 24L
Weight: 135KG
Dimension: 460 * 960 *1230mm
Packing size: 1030*510*1300 mm
Feature:Digital Computer Panel Version  With Oil Pump and Filter